Adrenaline rush

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

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i. L.M. Montgomery character quiz. I found it on Carrie’s blog, tried it and shared it with a Facebook friend. She’s Anne Shirley. I’m Marilla Cuthbert 🙂  That was fun.

ii. Virtual dinner with J. At midnight (lol). He was freezing in Sweden; I was fanning myself breathless in Bangkok. The food tasted like Christmas. Hurray to technology.

iii. A research project that keeps me up til 3 a.m. During one frustrating moment, I posted a shout-out then left to stare back at a variable I could not crack. When I signed back in I discovered friends already having a party at it.  Constructivism, empirical results, embodied cognition. One’s sense of humor kept boredom at bay, “construction of an empire is unfathomable.”

iv. Wan Dek (Children’s Day). Every first Sunday of January (depending on the moon) Thailand honors children in the kingdom.  It’s the day we spoil our kids. Cousin V is on a tight budget but I’m glad she let me treat her sons.  They enjoyed the clown. Cousin V smiled appreciatively. If I may be honest it was no sweat at all. CJ would have made me feel like I had been robbed.

v. The Little Mermaid speech on youtube. The rector of the University of Copenhagen gave an excellent speech to the 2010 international students.  The similes and the metaphors held me in rapt attention.  There’s something the rector said that I particularly like –

“We want our students to experience the adrenaline rush which pure, basic research can arouse…”

I look forward to that adrenaline rush… whichever research hub I would end up.