Therapeutic moaning anneals national neurosis

These are my reading adventures of the week.

From Wendy Bancroft , a comment she posted in Bibliotherapy group on Book Blogs:

…how do you help a child to learn about the tension between protection of brother and desire to right an injustice….and the potential of hurting another in the process?

My observation – The question distinguishes two ensuing means to an end.

From  Alex Stevenson in his article Royal Wedding: Even cynics will be cheered up, on Yahoo Politics, UK.  According to popular anthropologist Kate Fox, whose book Watching The English remains one of the best recent analyses of our national character,

we can all be relied on to engage in a bit of ‘mock-moaning’ whenever the opportunity arises. “In all English moaning rituals,” she writes,” there is a tacit understanding that nothing can or will be done about the problems we are moaning about… our ritual moaning is purely therapeutic, not strategic or purposeful: the moan is an end in itself.”

My thesis: Therapeutic moaning anneals national neurosis.

Elaine’s doublet “from HATE to LOVE,” on Hidden Heartbeat:

it’s such a big word HATE and to remove hate from this world
you will need to HAVE a force much bigger and stronger. so look up higher, above HOVE from “hova” the hebrew word for Jehovah, who is God. God is LOVE and pure agape love is much bigger than hate could ever be.

My inspiration: clever does it!

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