A lemonade

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

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People face issues in different ways. This is how I tried to make a lemonade out of my recent lemons –

1. CJ’s psychologist. Communicating with her was cracking a bit of the iceberg. She’s good. It’s a relief to know what’s going on and to learn about this whole new world I am in.

2. Eagles concert. It was fantastic going down memory lane and getting back ten years younger.

3. Wilding golf. The place is state of the art, the finest in the city. It wasn’t so bad revisiting a perk of that once-married life.

4. Los Cabos. I fancied Mexican cuisine; missed eating beans and avocado.  It’s fun not to be disappointed. I went twice with friends.

5. Antiques. Browsing time is always a high for me. It takes my mind off troubles. I am coping.

It’s been a busy week sorting out things. I am finding it difficult to say much right now. However, I want to let my Friday’s Fave Five lady friends know I am very grateful for your positive responses and kind thoughts the past week, and for saying I am in your prayers.

There will your budget be

At Tea Talk we briefly share how we are feeling and what we are thinking. Visit Ruth @ Celebrate Friendship for more

I’m having hot milk without sugar. Bangkok is running a 33o C temp but it’s freezing inside the faculty office where I am at the moment.

It’s a Lang & Wise Collector mug which features a painting called “Family of Felines” by Lowell Herrero.

I’m feeling ‘light’ (for lack of a better adjective).  I mean I’m not wearing make up and jewelry which is unusual at work but I’m liking it.

On my mind is The Eagles’ Seven Bridges Road.  It’s the very first song they sang in concert here Sunday night. As a little girl I remember listening to that song while playing jacks on an uncle’s living room floor. A friend on FB shouted out that she is kicking herself for not attending the gig. Comments got in. One went like this –

“Where your heart is, there will your budget be also”

Through the rain

At Tea Talk we briefly share how we are feeling and what we are thinking. Visit Ruth @ Celebrate Friendship for more

I’m having Oishi black lemon tea.

My glass is a company-issued one I seldom use. It’s been hibernating in a drawer for years.  The sun is blazing hot outside and my fridge has ran out of my first drink choice this afternoon – cold water, so both glass and tea came in handy.

I’m feeling a bit impatient.  The Eagles concert is sold out but a student of mine whose company promoted the Deftones last week offered to help get me a ticket. I’m waiting for her to call back.

Wait, wonder, hope…

On my mind is patience or at least the illusion of it.  I practice the virtue by planning what I am going to do if I do not get what I want, like watching one of my favorite bands live. If I missed the Eagles what would I do…

Eat?… Read?… Have another go at golf this weekend?….

Think?… of what?… I had been busy communicating with my son’s psychologist and occupational therapist, arranging therapy sessions I forgot to book my seat at Impact Arena for Sunday. Ah well, I will make up for it some way, somehow. In other words I am coping.

“Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do.”
Thomas Carlyle Quotes