Saved by grace

   “The law tells me how crooked I am. Grace comes along and straightens me out.” -Dwight Lyman Moody (1837-1899)

I imagine the law raising an eyebrow at me, “look at the state of you.” Here comes grace with a totally better approach, and my case is settled!  Grace is marvelously expressed on 3:15 – 3.20 of this clip.

Amy Wyatt hosts Then Sings My Soul Saturday at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders

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A riot of hopes and dreams

Unbroken circle
A riot of hopes and dreams
Vibrant petals bloom on

For anyone who doesn’t have an idea what happened here recently, this could be a pretty spot to read a book or just sit on the bench and enjoy the breeze.  It is. It will be. After a storm the sun shines again. After those student riots…. The Ministry of Education suspended academic operations for a week.  The place has been undisturbed since then.  I like to think of the quiet as a prelude to better days ahead. 

Haiku my Heart @ Recuerda mi Corazon

Haiku Heights

I Saw Sunday

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The orchid peacock

Right now I’m just grateful to be breathing unscathed. After a thunderstorm that is. I drifted in and out of consciousness through a terrifying one last night. What a relief to wake up to a sunny Friday and recount the week’s highlights.

i. Orchids and ivory. There’s a massive space, courtyard style, at Government House where a trade fair was going on.  I traipsed the shops on my way out but ended up admiring lots and lots of orchids adorning the fair.  It was also my first time to come face to face with jewelry made from elephant tusk. As an animal lover I’m not a fan of products like these but I appreciate the learning angle of the experience.

ii. Passport renewal. Time flies, and I’m happy to have sorted out travel documents.  It was also nostalgia time for the countries I’ve been to in the last five years.

iii. Dinner at Pizza Hut. At first I thought it was a routine eat-out, but I discovered that the bread and chicken sticks, especially the garden salad were just how I wanted them to taste, something I haven’t had in a long time.

iv. Grocery shopping at 10 PM and a free sky train:  less heat to tolerate and less crowd to wrestle.  My apartment is a 3-minute walk to the sky train station and it’s free up to Big C 3 stations away for a year.

v. The Marriage of Figaro by the Ekaterinburg State Opera. I wore a cheap but lovely set of bright red necklace and chandelier earrings – a gorgeous contrast to my blue green, floor length dress; felt like a million baht and laughed. Such a fun night.

Susanne hosts Friday’s Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story.

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Products of art

A few years back there were certain products I bought every week or anytime I wanted to, such as shoes. Okay I admit it: I’m a bit of a shoe addict. I love shoes next to books.  Clothes are a little way down the scale. Nowadays I have calmed down. It’s probably age or something so just about 3-4 pairs a year.

My focus has shifted to brands I haven’t tried before.  The frequency of purchase is what I call “once in a blue moon.” Nevertheless a friend commented, “you got serious shoe taste if that’s the brand you go after.”  Do I have company? Mommies, let me know 🙂

By the way, the purse is a fake. I bought it in the border between Thailand and Laos. Now let’s get back to proper shopping. Right next are a set of Chanel face powder and lipstick.  Pricey, yes but you do get what you pay for as they function excellently and last long.  Check out my umbrella. The sturdy case and the lilac rose handle make it one pretty little nick-nack. The notebook features a Mary Cicely Barker illustration.

What accompanies your time reading or working at the computer? Mine is a drink of either coffee, tea or chocolate.  This is a Lang & Wise collector mug featuring A Family of Felines by Lowell Herrero.

Books, shoes and mugs are some of the products I collect.  This time I am considering a techno gadget in my library, like this Kindle. I will appreciate recommendations or a brief review if you have any as I have yet to buy one.  Thanks.


Mommy’s favorite products this week at the Mommy Journey.

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Call when

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Quintet of fair hues

Sitting prettily
Giving cheer to all around
Quintet of fair hues


Nefertiti head
Impossibly exotic
Ruler of the blooms

After an energy-sapping immigration report, I wandered down the spacious multi-purpose hall of Government House. People were buying and selling interesting wares. In the middle of bustling business I saw something that diverted my attention from those ivory tusk jewelry and Thai silk on display: orchids galore.

Haiku Heights

I Saw Sunday

Haiku my Heart @ Recuerda mi Corazon

Straight Out Of the Camera @ Murrieta365

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Brown, Czerny and Hanon

The very first gifts that I remember I received from my parents were books.  Among the pile was an animal picture book featuring a rhino in a birthday party. That set off my love for reading.  My father later introduced me to The Aeneid which I never understood, but  that’s where my appreciation for literature originated.  He gave me Nancy Drew which later got me engrossed in the Dan Brown genre.

In school the contents of  my bag would always include some reading material.  During a Parent-Teacher Meeting, I overheard my 6th grade teacher tell my mother, “Hazel is a bookworm.”  I understand book but just what is worm?

Valentine 2010. CJ was my date (thus the rose) and I took him to Kinokuniya in Siam Paragon where we discussed some books he’s familiar with. “Mommy, it’s Ursula!”

Piano is a slightly different thing.  I was forced to study it at 6 and how I hated it!  To avoid practice sessions I once bathed my Czerny and Hanon with soy sauce.  That’s right – toyo, as in Silver Swan!  And my mother only said, “go dry them out in the sun.”

Several pouting faces and crying spells later, I accompanied a choir who sang Sa Mahal Ko’ng Bayan to an audience of around 3,000.  The huge applause felt good and changed the way I look at piano playing forever. If I survived quite a heavy piece as SMKB, then I could play what I want to entertain myself.  What really endeared me to the instrument is when I played a lullaby with one hand, the other hand cradling CJ, and he slept through it. I no longer play nowadays but maybe one day I will be reunited with this hobby again.

Welcoming 1.1.11 @ The Hilton

Chris hosts Mommy Moments. It’s hobby week @ The Mommy Journey

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