Morning Prayer

Last week a friend played hundreds of songs on his laptop. They sounded more and more familiar as I listened on. Music from childhood! There was one song in particular that I realized as what used to be my favorite when I was a kid. It still is and it’s so good to find it again after three decades. Morning Prayer is such a beautiful song as ever.  The Heritage sings it. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did.

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“No sharps, no flats.” I whispered nervously to my mother who was gathering her hymnal and specs.

“You need to be weaned from C major,” she replied as she solemnly ticktocked her way up the pulpit.

I choked as I realized I was doomed, “I’ll throw the whole congregation off key!”

Mama in all her chorister wisdom ignored my plea. My 12-year old fingers struggled on the upright. I swore that if I died of embarrassment I would kill her after worship.

Subtly her eyeballs convulsed; vision shining encouragement my way. I saw sparks. Blood spurted up my temples. I did see a double bar line….

Then I was twenty-two.  With practice difficulties on a few scores that sent fingers whirling clumsily over the keys had become almost unnoticeable.  It was my turn to be decisive.  Chords after chords, observing dynamics after dynamics.

For it is… two flats, one on the bass the other darting up the G clef,  in giving! That we… receive!… It is in pard’ning… fingers executing four consecutive sharps in crescendo poco a poco… that we are pardoned… Mama’s soprano voice braced for fortissimo – it is in dying… I almost missed a single, quick natural sign but didn’t.   That we are born… I relaxed. The grand swelled, to eter. nal. life…!

The second bar line was finally a thick one. The congregation exhaled an amen. In that tropical church thousands of miles from Assissi, St Francis’s prayer shone through.

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Hello old life!

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

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1. Perfumed sheets.  Clean, fresh, lavender-scented sheets make sleep great.

2. Taxes sorted. Initial computation presented me a considerably large figure to pay.  Thank goodness a colleague spotted a stamp on my university hours which turned the tables and now the government owes me .59 cents. They can keep it.

3. Airport bonding. My cousin’s son is going to finish high school in the Philippines. He has grown so tall!  The other surprise is he’s got a girlfriend and even the girlfriend’s mom was also there to see him off.  I was like, ‘ok, what happened here?…’  This must be why families should bond regularly.

4. Bangkok Book Club. I joined for the first time, and listened to opinions all the way.  Red wine and chips fueled the discussion centered on The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Mariel Barberry. There seems to be interesting personalities in the group.

5. Pray for Japan at the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  My Japanese gradschool mate helped organize this concert. What a delight to meet again, our first since she took the comprehensive exams and I presented my paper at a research conference.  It was also my first time back at SET since the then Hubster introduced me to the place. The music was beautiful. Well, it was classical and played by virtuosos.  The audience very cultured (seven ambassadors in attendance; I was seated behind two).

Hello World

Scenes in the lyrics of Lady Antebellum’s Hello World strike me as familiar – in the city, in the countryside, on neighborhood streets. Lives happening. Changing. Moving. Wondering. Wandering.

Sometimes talking with Him turns into mental drifting. I even forget at which point did I begin. ‘Hello,’ I poke myself. Hello world, I’m awake.

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Violins and helicopters

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

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1. Loved ones are safe.  After watching a clip that showed Japan like it was 2012, I avoided everything that has anything to do with the destruction there until an aunt in NC nudged me about a cousin in Chibaken. That’s when I went asking how they were.  She and her husband, a fellow mommy blogger, and a former gradschool classmate are all ok. It’s good to release all the breaths I held while waiting for news about them.

2. J not getting sent out to Japan anymore. When the quake hit J was automatically among a team of scientists on standby, Fukushima-bound. Worry wart me prayed he won’t be flown out.  Jet-setting halfway around the world to lend expertise and then aboard Chinooks to work on those reactors may sound glamorous but the danger is so not glamorous at all.  I cheered when J told me it looked like he was staying after all.

3. Brunch at Robin Hood. Calamari yummy; margarita rosita. Chips, football and British accent felt like brunching in front of Windsor Castle again.

4. Attending a screening at the FCCT (Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand). Living with the Tiger is a documentary about HIV-infected orphans. Q & A with the filmmaker and the director of the Business Coalition on AIDS explored possibilities of influencing policies for better handling of the AIDS issue in Thailand and beyond.

5. Violin recital at TCC (Thailand Cultural Center). Great Artists of the World 2011 and Bangkok Symphony Orchestra presented Cho-liang Lin.  He played Mozart and Tchaikovsky on guess what – a 1715 Stradivarius!  Ah some of  life’s most beautiful moments; later something to daydream over tea in a rickety rocking chair.

Tell me why

Last night I joined a coffee and movie meetup group.

The timetable includes an hour of conversation at a corner coffee shop before heading out to a nearby theatre for the movie.  An American guy mentions his theory on a book he is writing – harmony of languages, cultures and relationships to the bottomline rationale for world peace.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to exist in a planet as in this child’s musing –

In my dream children sing a song of love for every boy and girl. The sky is blue, the fields are green and laughter is the language of the world…

My own musing is that this current state of things we are in doesn’t have to be the way it is. It’s a long shot.  We need to keep up and keep on.

The video has EMI restrictions but you can click on the link to watch it on youtube.  Declan Galbraith sings beautifully.

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There will your budget be

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I’m having hot milk without sugar. Bangkok is running a 33o C temp but it’s freezing inside the faculty office where I am at the moment.

It’s a Lang & Wise Collector mug which features a painting called “Family of Felines” by Lowell Herrero.

I’m feeling ‘light’ (for lack of a better adjective).  I mean I’m not wearing make up and jewelry which is unusual at work but I’m liking it.

On my mind is The Eagles’ Seven Bridges Road.  It’s the very first song they sang in concert here Sunday night. As a little girl I remember listening to that song while playing jacks on an uncle’s living room floor. A friend on FB shouted out that she is kicking herself for not attending the gig. Comments got in. One went like this –

“Where your heart is, there will your budget be also”

Note to God

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Often things I want to say to God stay in my mind and usually do not come out of my mouth.  Very recently I have been told of the second clinical impression on my son – PDD or pervasive developmental disorder.  My impulse was to get in touch with appropriate specialists and make sure that I could cover costs. It’s all looking good.  Friends are showing their moral support, but I  sat quiet knowing that I needed more and that is my own note to God which is a line on this song: give me the strength to make it through.

Carrying on

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share”

Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for more.

i. Bangkok in shiver mode.  The temperature has dropped since last week which means I am saving money from not having to use the AC and even the fan. I am loving it.

ii. Finding use for some of my loot from Cambodia.  Thanks to the cold I found reason to help myself to hot drinks.  Hot chocolate sprinkled with khmer pinipig (immature rice pounded into light, green flakes) tastes yummy in bed.

iii. My engineers saving the day.  They are tall, good-looking, mostly rich. It’s not hard to like them. But Thursday it seemed nothing could stop them from raving about some racket, ignoring instructions for a computer-aided oral exam. Worried that they could not pull it off, I tried virtually throwing a fit which worked. They appeased me by performing an impromptu rap that goes, “beautiful Miss H, we love you…”  I smiled. They cheered. After the exam I told them I regained my poise not because of the flattery, but because they all passed the exam. They cheered even more.

iv. Defining a research problem. Finally, I got it!  Back breaking hours on a thick reading pile paid off.

v. Until Then.  It’s not an entirely a nice week in the sense that, let me see… a close friend’s son was buried yesterday. Last night another close friend’s son got very sick. My own CJ also got sick. It is emotionally taxing.  I listened to this song countless times in 48 hours.

A heartache here is but a stepping stone…. It’s good to be assured that it’s not the end of things right here.

Wonderful grace

Amy Wyatt hosts TSMSS at Signs, Miracles, and Wonder

The lyrics of Wonderful Grace of Jesus, will always remain true and inspirational. Over the years though, the way it is sung just got kind of worn to me. But that changed when I found this clip. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound renders a version that attracted me to the song again. I had so much fun watching this clip, and very happy to listen to it anew.