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At the end of each term the parting words used to be see you in Shanghai, see you in Singapore These grad school mates would then fly off to each of their home country. Comprehensive exams, Papers presented at conferences, … Continue reading

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More sense, more sensibility

When I asked CJ a few hours ago on the phone what was he doing, he said, “I want to eat lollipop.”  The rest of his replies gave me ideas for our summer plans. Helicopter tour I was ready to … Continue reading

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Reality stars

Blogger Bard says, “Discovery made, only scientists are true reality stars.”  A comment from Patti goes: Scientists are indeed reality stars. They carry quite a burden knowing there is apt to be a bad effect as well as a good … Continue reading

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More than a medal

Dear fellow Mommies: You wouldn’t be seeing any photos on my post today. This no-visuals effect is deliberate. There is something in my son CJ’s case that needs to be addressed more urgently than his K2 medal.  Just as importantly, … Continue reading

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When we define or describe, we answer the what. That is the easy part. We delve further to achieve understanding and that is where the answer to how becomes interesting. While brainstorming for a research project recently, I focused on … Continue reading

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New finds

“A time to look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share” Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for more. 1. Red Riding Hood and Black Swan. I liked RRH. The … Continue reading

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Into butterfly’s wings

My reading adventures of the week: During family gatherings I hear elders muse about an uncle’s Law practice: does he remain true and steadfast to his Christian beliefs while defending someone? Lately on Facebook, a cousin posted a shout-out saying … Continue reading

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