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One little guy’s opinion

Last weekend my mother sent me a text describing CJ’s comment on a page of a volume of his Bible Friends. It was one on the crucifixion: This is Jesus. He said to his Father, why did you forsake me … Continue reading

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Something bucolic, something urban

Some of my most favorite things are oil paintings, reproduction or the real thing, of bucolic scenes.  This picture depicts exactly what I appreciate in a way that makes my heart flutter. If you thought of fluttering butterflies on a … Continue reading

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So far so good

Ayutthya, the Thai ancient capital has been inundated since last week.  According to news updates, Bangkok is next.  Photos and video footages, while informative are scary. I’m listing this week’s highlights as I go. Think, think… sounds like this will … Continue reading

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Brown, Czerny and Hanon

The very first gifts that I remember I received from my parents were books.  Among the pile was an animal picture book featuring a rhino in a birthday party. That set off my love for reading.  My father later introduced … Continue reading

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My week hasn’t been very busy until today. Thank goodness the day is over and so is the major errand.  It’s great to sit in bed, stretch and recount the highlights of the week: i. Mariinsky Ballet and Symphony Orchestra.  … Continue reading

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A wardrobe situation

My dreams of dressing up a live doll vanished when I found out I was carrying a boy. “Oh well,” I consoled myself, “at least boys’ clothes and accessories are simple and maybe less expensive.” Some awakening. To offset costs and save … Continue reading

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The prerequisite

“This pair is 14K, Dad. With the pants, it costs 16K.” That is a 14-year old teen tagging his Dad a pair of racing shoes that he wants. While I am fond of this kid I flinch as I imagine myself in his Dad’s literal shoes.  The … Continue reading

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