The loveliest waterfall I have ever seen in my entire life to date –

Asik – Asik Falls. It is found in a small, far-flung village called Barangay Upper Dado in Alamada, a town in North Cotabato province in the Philippines.

The pleasure of beholding this waterfall comes with a price. Visitors have to descend 550 steps to see it and ascend the same number of steps to get back ‘to civilization.’  A bit physically daunting; it made me realize that I was not getting any younger. Where did those college mountaineering days go?

If I were to operate some business in the area, it would be helicopter rides for visitors like me who had their nostrils flaring on the trek down and gasping for oxygen on the arduous ascent.

But the sight is so worth it. ‘Whoa…w!’ was all I could exhale when I saw it. Then I was speechless.

Asik-Asik Falls is liquid drapery. The atmosphere about is balmy, clearing sinuses brand new. The hum of the water could lull you to slumber. I would not have minded drifting off had I not have the kiddo to watch.  He was approaching the waterfall as if it was an enchantress beckoning him.  There was magic in the place.

My photos (taken from an iphone SE) do not do this fantastic falls justice but they are what would at least serve as reminder of this beautiful experience.

View from the jump-off point

The muddy way gets steeper but the quiet is therapeutic.

Someone thought Asik-Asik would be easier to get to without shoes

With me were my twelve year-old and two nephews (cousin’s kids) on a school break.

Beginning our trek down

‘Mommy, are we there yet?’ was the son’s excited refrain. He meant he saw a couple of what looked like high school kids swinging on a vine and he wanted to try it. As soon as we heard the water, we exchanged grins and followed the sound literally running, skipping fallen logs.

First sign of the falls

And there she is…

Asik-Asik Falls, April 2017

Most people came with picnic baskets. I sat on the rocks opposite taking it all in including the mist which was the perfect skin moisturizer.

Nature’s shower

The nephews lost no time in exploring the falls.

Agility, come back to me!

The falling water is potable. I do not know what but one thing about Asik-Asik Falls intrigues me: there is no river above it.

ABC Wednesday / Thursday Thirteen

12 thoughts on “Asik – Asik Falls

  1. How lovely. I would imagine there must be a big spring where the water bubbles out, or an underground river that has eroded away the wall of the cliff. Lovely photos. Thank you for showing me something new.

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