Some of my most favorite things are oil paintings, reproduction or the real thing, of bucolic scenes.  This picture depicts exactly what I appreciate in a way that makes my heart flutter. If you thought of fluttering butterflies on a flower bed, yes, that’s exactly how my heart behaves when I look at pictures like this:

William Adolphe Bouguereau

Now to more realistic scenes – don’t you just love it when your kid shows interest in your interest? This was routine shopping last summer. I could not resist getting inside a book shop that we happened to pass by. It’s magic when I’m surrounded with books and when I saw CJ doing this, although he does this at home too, I went clicking.

Guess I will always be grateful to a friend who used her sense of perfect timing and choice to capture a very quick but beautiful moment I had with CJ. I have posted this photo previously and I make no excuse for posting this again today.  A fave. Obviously.

Favorite photos this week at The Mommy Journey.

6 thoughts on “Something bucolic, something urban

  1. I love getting lost in art galleries…we really should meet up or when you visit me I’ll tour you around the Albertina and the Leopold Museum. 🙂 I am momarazzi when my kids go gaga in the bookstore or be silent in the library or anywhere with bookshelves…Love the last shot, candid yet the emotion has been fully captured. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. that’s also my wish for my daughter, to love reading ( or at least like) like mebecause her dad doesn’t. books can take me anywhere my imagination can reach…

    thanks for sharing, Happy MM!

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