The piano

One day I will play the piano again. If there is any talent left….

That is the caption I wrote for a photo I posted on Facebook. In celebration of this year’s Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music, top-rate performers from around the world are rocking town. I went to one of the shows – the Mariinsky Ballet from Russia. During a 20-minute break I wandered around the lobby where a pianist was tickling this grand.

Watch. Listen. Pretend I do not miss the keys.

Two weeks ago I was asked to turn pages for a piano accompanist in a church anniversary concert.ย  It wouldn’t have made much difference whether it was Gaudeamus or Old MacDonald. The closer I get to the instrument, the more I realize how far I have been away from it. One day I will reacquaint myself with this old toy. Maybe try a few new tunes. Play when no one is watching. Just me and my old fingers.

Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music, Main Hall, Thailand Cultural Center

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6 Responses to The piano

  1. Rose says:

    Playing music instrument has been one of my frustration sis, I really love to learn but I lack of talent and the resources lol. Am sure magaling ka magpiano.. Ang alam ko lang tipahin is open arms.. Pinagaralan ko lang sa piano ni FIL hahaha..

    Bili ka na ng piano dali tapos turuan mo ko hahaha.. Thanks for joining!

  2. chie101 says:

    One of my dream is to play the piano. Kahit twinkle little star di ako marunong.

  3. Kim,USA says:

    Good for you, you can play piano.Keep it up!

    Can You Spot Me

  4. Mommy Jes says:

    hi thanks for visiting my entry. saw you in spam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    nice that you can play piano. I want my kids to learn how to play piano someday kasi frustration ko dn yan ehehhe :))

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