Spontaneous hellos

Stech Ville experiences a lovey-dovey weather today. We kick our heels to begin the weekend by recognizing highlights of the week:

i. a church anniversary concert which I got invited to.  The choir voices were greatly enhanced by the very talented pianist who happens to be a friend but, even if he wasn’t, I would express the same observation.

ii. hosting lunch and dinner for a cousin and her son after the concert.  We live in the same city but never see each other unless we take the effort to do so. I’m glad we did despite our full timetables. I cooked. That is rare but a much welcome sensation on the palate.

iii. positive feedback. I am dabbling in poetry this week over at my first blog. Comments are encouraging.  Reacquainting myself with an old love alternated with stress at work.  I wish the motivation was something else but at least the composition is not a sob story, nor a creative whine. I keep the poise, I like it that way.

iv. spontaneous hellos. I entered the lift the same time as someone from another faculty.  Both on our way home, we smiled wearily at each other and simultaneously introduced our stuff –  “Business English” “Business Statistics.” No chatter (haven’t we had enough of that in the lecture rooms) just sincere, friendly smiles.  

v. spotting bright business ideas while reviewing a massive Public Relations reference book. It gives an impression of a bright tomorrow when everyone means business.

Susanne hosts Friday’s Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story.

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8 Responses to Spontaneous hellos

  1. The concert and lunch/dinner sound like a delightful event. Glad that worked out for you and your cousin’s family. Writing poetry doesn’t come easy to me but it is such a great way to express yourself. It’s good that you can do it! Enjoy your weekend!

    • susan2009 says:

      Listening to great music is a gift to soul, mind and body, isn’t it? So glad you were invited to her some great music this week.

      How wonderful that you shared a meal and conversation with family after the concert. I live close to my sister and her family. But unless we make specific plans we don’t see each other often enough.

  2. Laura says:

    Music and food are great favorites of mine, too! Love those spontaneous hellos, too!

  3. Susanne says:

    What a nice afternoon after church. Good company and good food. The concert sounds wonderful. It’s nice to receive a smile at the end of a long day.

  4. Ellen says:

    Sounds like a very uplifting week for you and those around you! Blessings!

  5. Barbara H. says:

    The concert sounds really nice. So does the lunch and dinner, hellos, good feedback, and shared smiles. A great week!

  6. Lovely days always make me smile. I’m glad you had good company, good food and good music to enjoy, too.

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