The heart stealer

Meet Chester. He lives in Beamish. There are three probabilities to how I knew his name: someone told me he was called Chester; his name was listed in that guidebook on my left hand or I named him myself.
Chester is a heart stealer. Even without a capture, this heart-warming moment will breathe eternally fresh in my stock of beautiful emotions. I held out my palm. He came closer and checked what’s in it for him. Mint candies. Chester didn’t hesitate. He licked them off as if chiding, “what took you so long to give me my treat?”
I told Chester to leave some for me. He kept on eating til my palm was empty. I giggled and he understood I had more. It only took him a second to realize where were the rest. He licked my purse too! The force of his tongue gave me a gentle push. His intelligence sealed my admiration for him. That’s when I patted his head. We exchanged the same unspoken message of thanks.   

 Rose hosts Nostalgia @ Nostalgic Marvelling.

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6 Responses to The heart stealer

  1. imriz says:

    what a sweet post. even in silence, happy minds can communicate 🙂

  2. awww…. so sweet of chester… … nice photo and nostalgic memory 🙂 dropping by.. see you back.

  3. Kim,USA says:

    Oh that is so sweet of you. I do talk to any living creature. Just like yesterday I talk to the praying mantis when I spotted him/her. he/she seem very nervous he/she just dropped off from the plants that’s when I start to talk, poor guy he/she must be so nervous yesterday hehe. Thanks for sharing.

    The Lamp

  4. Dhemz says:

    that is pretty cool! how cute….thanks for dropping by!

  5. Cookie says:

    what a nice post! But for all you know, you’re a horse whisperer 🙂
    He’s got a cute name, too!… thanks for dropping by my blog. was here from my Nostalgia entry.

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