I went to a farm!

 Yes, I did and how happy I was. *big smile*  Chokchai Farm is in Saraburi, a town an hour’s drive from Bangkok.

There were five of us, alumni of the same college in the Philippines.  We all enjoyed our visit to the farm but I am not sure whether my companions were as happy as I was. There’s this feeling I can’t describe when I am in the countryside. I go into dream mode. It is like diving into the pages of a fairy tale book. I forget city life and imagine I never have to go back to raw skyscrapers, stilettos and despicable traffic.

If only I don’t have to my life would be perfect.

The rays of the afternoon sun were creeping through branches and leaves of this handsome tree.

I will appreciate it if anyone can tell me the name of this red beauty

These lamps remind me of my grandparents’ house at night long time ago, and the deer – an uncle whose sport is hunting.

Cowboy charm.  What a lucky girl…

The restaurant

If we go back, and I hope we can, I will sample the Chochai steak everyone is raving about. 

This is only a glimpse of a multitude of memories and dreams that the trip rewove.  I would love to reminisce again and again. One thing defines me – I am a farm girl at heart.

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3 Responses to I went to a farm!

  1. imriz says:

    definitely a charming country place. look at the house. it’s a dream resort house.


  2. Rose says:

    Just like you, I miss living in a farm too. The smell of the ripening rice in the ricefield and the fresh air, ahhh can’t buy that!

    That place is gorgeous sis, you would really feel relax and stress free. Just as I look at the photos, I can already smell the countryside hehehe. I read the name of that flower somewhere but now I can’t remember what it is lol. Tanda na ang lola mo.

    Thanks for joining again. I added this in my blog list.

  3. Vernz says:

    the resto is my dreamhouse.. so lovely…love it much:) was here for nostlagia..

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