Note to God

Amy Wyatt hosts TSMSS at Signs, Miracles, and Wonder

Often things I want to say to God stay in my mind and usually do not come out of my mouth.  Very recently I have been told of the second clinical impression on my son – PDD or pervasive developmental disorder.  My impulse was to get in touch with appropriate specialists and make sure that I could cover costs. It’s all looking good.  Friends are showing their moral support, but I  sat quiet knowing that I needed more and that is my own note to God which is a line on this song: give me the strength to make it through.

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3 Responses to Note to God

  1. Michelle says:

    `give me the strength to make it through`

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    May God guide you as you make these decisions for your son. It is hard when a parent gets a diagnosis like this, but God will see you through.

  3. susan2009 says:

    Never heard this song before. So encouraging and says what I need to hear this a.m. – strength to make it through a challenging day. Thanks for sharing this song!

    I pray that every time you hear this (and similar) song you too are encouraged to keep on keeping on in faith. (((hug)))

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