From the fields

Host Susanne at Living to Tell the Story describes Friday’s Fave Five as “time to take a look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share.”

The company of a friend. Being alone makes me extra grateful for exactly that. It is not nice to meet the new year or any other important celebration all by oneself. I am glad I had someone who happens to be in the same circumstances as I do – single, no immediate family nearby.  We splurged on fine dining, 5-star entertainment and a weekend getaway to a quiet beach resort over the new year.

“Take lots of liquid.”  It is one statement that would have meant nothing if I saw or heard it from where ever while struggling with a cold.  But it came from someone who has become special to me these past weeks.  I would not exchange this little show of caring for all the luxury moments I had at Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental and Hilton last weekend.

Angkor Wat. The world’s largest religious site is virtually right down my backyard. For 13 years it seemed like I took the close proximity for granted because although I always wanted to visit, I never had the company, and I am not adventurous enough to go alone. Finally last week, friends organized a trip there with former professors.  I had mixed feelings observing good, old teachers take the ‘back stage and this time, let former students dominate the talking‘ during the travel.

Forgetting an envelope with leftover cash from my Hong Kong trip.  The time was perfect to have remembered it contained wads of US dollar bills to pay for the Cambodia trip.

Learning. We proceeded to Phnom Penh after the awe and grandeur of Angkor to see the Killing Fields.  Khmer Rouge stunned me to the bones and gave me second thoughts on visiting Germany’s Dachau camp one of these days. But I am grateful to learn that there ought to be more compassion for the living and respect for the memory of those who wanted to live but did not have the chance.

Tourists waiting to meet sunrise at Angkor

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6 Responses to From the fields

  1. So glad you found a friend to celebrate with in such a special way! And how sweet to find an envelope with money in it. Wow. I can’t imagine the feelings it would stir up to see the Killing Fields… You definitely had a memorable week.

  2. Cindy says:

    I like what you managed to put in over the holiday with company and so glad you had a friend to accompany you. This is an amazing sunrise and an inspiring place as well. Found money is always way too much fun, it is like free and you don’t have to account for it, great spend.

  3. Barbara H. says:

    I’m so glad you had company for New year’s and some wise advice for your cold. And finding money at just the right time was a blessing! I can’t imagine seeing the Killing Fields or POW camps firsthand.

  4. Laura says:

    I know what you mean about a good friend! This was such an interesting FFF. Have a great week.

  5. Susanne says:

    So glad you didn’t have to spend the New Years alone. That is quite and powerful tour you were on. And what a blessing to remember an envelope of money!

  6. Willow says:

    Wow, what a holiday you had! From the luxury of that hotel and the grandeur of Angkor Wat to the horrors of the Killing Fields. Yes, let us always honor and treasure the living and remember the lost. So glad you found that extra money!

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