‘Tis the season to be jolly

Host Susanne at Living to Tell the Story describes Friday’s Fave Five as “time to take a look over our week, recall blessings great and small and pick our five favorites to share.”

My week has been extremely busy. I was running here and there with work, personal errands and social commitments.  There is so much to be thankful for.

i. Attending a gig for a heart tumor patient.  It was my first time ever to get involved in something like this and it made me happy. I saw a few familiar faces from college. Afterward I joined friends for a light dinner where we made plans : Eric Clapton and Scorpion concerts in February; Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam in later weeks.

ii. Visa and teaching license renewed.  What a relief to accomplish these chores and get back to expat life as smoothly as going through bureaucratic procedures are stressful.  Just the balance I am looking for.

iii. Coming home to a bittersweet email. It makes me pine but I am getting used to it….

iv. Skyscraper Christmas trees in Buddhist land. Sometimes I forget Thailand is not a christian country. But although Christmas here is mainly commercial, the trimmings motivate me to feel the joys of the season.

v. Park pictorial. It was a beautiful day with friends.  I enjoyed posing as cameras clicked. The interaction on Facebook was fun.

Pictorial warm up

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9 Responses to ‘Tis the season to be jolly

  1. Cindy says:

    It sounds like your week has be exasperating in a few ways, exciting in others. It is a good feeling to be involved in a fund-raising. Christmas commercial perhaps for the stores, I’d like to think that more and more people are remembering the true meaning of.

  2. Jerri says:

    I bet you were relieved to get your visa and license renewed. Isn’t it great to feel the relief when something has been hanging over your head and then it’s gone?

    Hazel, it sounds like you have lots of friends. What a blessing!

    The photo you shared with us is gorgeous!

  3. Ellen says:

    Hi Hazel,
    I’m glad you are getting to enjoy Christmas joy wherever you are. That’s really the point I think. Love the photo of you and all those birds. I can’t help but wonder if you escaped any unpleasant deposits LOL!
    Congrats on your renewals!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your Friday’s Fave Five because it’s always so different from the norm. Thanks for sharing your week with us and enlightening us a little on the great big world out there!

  5. susan says:

    Whew! Your week does sound hectic! So glad you were able to find some blessings in there too.

    I like that you choose to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas even though the people and culture around you choose something different.

    I am also grateful for fb and other social media as they do help me stay connected.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. Willow says:

    Yes, visa and teacher licensing is crucial. Thanks for the ‘reminder’ to check my credential renewal date.

    It seems like so many letters and emails contain sad yearly news this time of year, perhaps because we communicate only at Christmas.

    I love your attitude of choosing to celerate the real meaning and joy of Christmas where ever we are.

  7. Susanne says:

    Love that picture.

    I’m glad your visa and teaching lisence were renewed with relative ease. Who needs that kind of headache.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Christmas joy.

  8. Barbara H. says:

    I know it is a relief to get those documents taken care of.

    Love the signs of Christmas in a non-Christian country — they would gladden my heart as well.

    Love the park scene — refreshing in the midst of our cold snap.

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