>That settles it for me


  • For weeks I spent some of my free time skimming Max Planck Society. There’s this necessity to familiarize oneself with institute regulations. It doesn’t take a PhD candidate to recognize elements of hard-core atheism in the research culture of the society’s Evolutionary Anthropology wing. That got me reviewing creationism beliefs embedded in my christian upbringing. Overlapping it is the pressure to adhere to fiercely quantitative, evidence-based scientific theories. Yet things are less complicated when you have another option – faith. I don’t pretend to be good at it, but I’m thankful that despite deficiences a choice to sense and appreciate what faith is capable of doing in our lives, exists.

    Here’s a clip from a 1976 footage of a Heritage song, God Said It and I Believe It. I loved it then when I was learning to play hop scotch. Now it’s my kind of wedge against otherwise unsuitable tilting.

  • Faith is the essence of things unseen
    The substance of things hoped for
    God’s word has said it and I believe it
    For the miracle has happened to me

    God said it and I believe it and that settles it for me
    God said it and I believe it and that settles it for me
    Though some may doubt that His word is true
    I’ve chosen to believe it, now how about you?
    God said it and I believe it, And that settles it for me

    Do you believe that God created you
    Just like He told you in His word?
    Do you believe that every world in space
    Came to place by His own power?
    Do you believe that God can change your life
    And give you freedom from your sin?
    He’ll open every door that blocks the way
    You can say with me…..

    God is the Author and He’s the ending of all that I believe in
    Life more abundant is yours for the asking
    The miracle can happen to you

    TSMSS is brought to you by Amy Wyatt at Signs, Miracles and Wonders

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    11 Responses to >That settles it for me

    1. Karen says:

      >Bless you for this! I am in the middle of a unit on Darwin and evolution right now in public school.Darwin and his contemporaries acquired a lot of knowledge, but the implication that there is no Creator God a lie from the pit. The anti-Christ spirit is all around us, but greater is He that is in us!

    2. Elizabeth says:

      >God said it and I believe it and that settles it for me!That is my stand too!Blessings,Elizabeth

    3. Peggy says:

      >Blessings Hazel…God said it and I believe it…simple faith…all that complicated stuff that you studied is far beyond me. I'm thankful that without a doubt I can believe God and His Word as valid proof. We may need apologetics to defend our faith to others but I'd rather just relate real life examples of how He touches me or others! Thanks for that flashback song from Heritage Singers!EnJOY a great TSMSS & have a wonderful & blessed week!

    4. >Oh I haven't heard that song in probably 30 years! I always liked the Heritage Singers. Those outfits and hairstyles are hilarious now!

    5. Christina says:

      >Can you believe it, I have never heard this song before. The words are so true. What pretty outfits and what a pretty video. PS I noticed you are an Austen fan. My sister, who has a book blog is a huge Austen fan and has Austen give a ways at times so I will let you know

    6. Karen says:

      >Wow…I haven't heard that song in a looong time…but the truth it proclaims is still the same….

    7. Hazel says:

      >Karen, that's sad about Darwin considering his family background, isn't it?Peggy, you are right – real life examples are the best.Elizabeth, doesn't it make everything easy!Christina, that's sweet to know about your sister. thanks.Linda, I used to grin at their outfits when I was a teenager. I wonder how would today's generation take it, but then history repeats itself. The upper part of their dress has similarities in some designs that we find nowadays :)Karen, the truth being the same is, I guess what makes it eternally appealing

    8. Cathy says:

      >Amen! Very nice ~ Thank God for His salvation. The atheists are trying to take God out of our country. But His Word remains forever.

    9. Anya says:

      >Never heard this soundbut I must tell you it sounds very special :))))0Enjoy your sundayHugs to all Kareltje =^.^=

    10. chubskulit says:

      >Love the message of the song of the song sis.. kumusta ka na? its been a while..

    11. Hazel says:

      >Cathy, it sounds like itAnya, isn't it! :)chubs, ok lang sis

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