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>Then Sings My Soul Saturday: Lord You Are Good – Worship Dance

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Pink is up today for the ladies at Mom Dot. The concept got me thinking of “in the pink of health.” After an illness last year, Thailand’s monarch came out of the hospital in a pink suit. The royal tailor commented that pink is the color he chose His Majesty would wear to convey the assurance to the Thai people that their beloved king is back to good health; that he is in the pink of health.

A more wonderful concept is that health is granted equally to everyone, royals or commoners alike, by the King of all kings. ‘Your body is the temple of God’ is usually followed by advice such as take care of it, honor it by keeping it healthy and clean not just physically but also spiritually. I questioned myself: what have I been doing to my health lately? Go to bed after midnight? Work my body to death? It’s high time something better is done to this health, like exercise besides a balanced diet and rest. I’d pass the hard, gym type exercise; got loads of that over the week at work. I’m talking of appreciating an exercise for the mind and spirit. It’s invigorating to relive the vibrancy and energy of youth featured on this worship dance.

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Small Talk Six: Pink Favorites

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These are six of my favorite things that are pink. All images except the smoothie and the shoes are from my archive.


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