>CJ’s date with history


Some of my most recent

were spent among very adult stuff.


As we could immediately imagine ruins are no toys. I want CJ to taste some of life’s finer moments early on and whenever the opportunity arises. So off we headed to the countryside to explore the past.

And the adventure begins. We take in the emotional character of King Narai’s palace

Cj actually doesn’t like to face the camera nowadays. I tried to distract him while this shot was taken

Being curious is exactly how I want CJ to behave around artefacts

I want him to wonder, to be inquisitive, to be amazed and to be impressed with the bulk of knowledge he has yet to learn

My friends and I chatted for awhile. One said that although CJ does not interact with us, he could be listening to our conversation and later write his observations. It could be about how Mommy took him to a weird Disneyland

As long as he reports as scientifically as possible, I will have no objection. There’s no pressure on large amounts of creativity. I just would love him to cherish the aesthetic significance of this experience.

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20 Responses to >CJ’s date with history

  1. SASSY MOM says:

    >No doubt that the experience will be a memorable one for CJ. Nice photos Mommy!

  2. redamethyst says:

    >very nice photos. It's a great way to bond with your son!

  3. Paula says:

    >That's a nice place you went to. I'm sure CJ would remember it forever.

  4. Clarissa says:

    >A great bonding of you and CJ–I bet that moment with you at the tour is one of the best memories for CJ!!^_^Happy Mommy Moments!!Enjoy your weekend,Mommy Hazel!!^_^

  5. Ebie says:

    >It is also one avenue of learning his roots!Great mommy moments, is CJ camera shy?Great bonding time!

  6. Hazel says:

    >Right you are, Ate Eb! Cj is not just camera shy. He shuns the cam like a celeb warding off paparazzi lol!

  7. anne says:

    >I love all the photos girl, great one's anyway heres mine http://annebianca.com/2009/12/mommy-moments-your-mommy-moment.html thansk

  8. chubskulit says:

    >I missed to participate last week but I am back now to share some of my mommy moments.Great Bonding Moments Mommy!

  9. Thom says:

    >Great photos mom…but I must say, I think you will have to take him back there when he's a little older to really enjoy it. It sure is beautiful 🙂

  10. Rossel says:

    >museums and historical places are nice places to visit with our children. learning and bonding at a time. nice photos, Mommy.mine is up too. happy MM!

  11. Meikah says:

    >Wow bonding by the ruins! Great shots! I'm sure Cj will cherish the moment. Happy Mommy Moments! 🙂

  12. Rossel says:

    >museums and historical places are nice places to visit with our children. learning and bonding at a time. mine is up too. happy MM!

  13. Chris says:

    >very memorable one 🙂

  14. >This one is a great idea for kids especially with his age. Learning history and appreciating the beauty of the place at the same time. Have a nice weekends Mommy Hazel =)

  15. judys424 says:

    >the place looks like fort santiago.. hope both of you had a great time there. 🙂

  16. >They are pretty shots for mommy moments. TC

  17. pehpot says:

    >ahaha.. inabot naman ako ng apat bago makagirl.. try mo sis.. three boys hahamiss you!and yes, importane nga na e expose our kids to adult things and not just toys and toys hihimommy techy

  18. >What an AMAZING place!!!Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  19. Tetcha says:

    >That was a fun learning experience for CJ and a great mommy-son bonding moment, too!

  20. >Magugustuhan din cgro nya sa mga Museums! Enjoy mga anak ko sa museum, at first I thought mabo-bored sila pero ok naman pala kaya at least 3 or 4x a year dinadala ko sila sa iba't ibang museums.

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