>At the summit of Mt. Kitanglad


~ brought to you by Alicia of More Than Words ~

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we’re elevated 9509 ft; at the summit of Mt. Kitangland. These are former college classmates. I could not remember the exact year this happened. I’m guessing this was around the time I finished my bachelor’s degree, so circa 1992 -1993. We hiked up for 7-8 hours, spent two nights at the peak eating, chatting, goofing, and came down on Sunday. It was a blast! My first and last mountaineering experience and one of the best memories I have from college:

We also had a bit of serious time. We’re actually having some worship when this shot was taken. We were singing what…oh, I’ve forgotten the darn song. Most probably “O the depths of the riches, the wisdom and knowledge of God…” or something like that. The two guys at the back and the classmate wearing a yellow top on the left are happily married. I have no confirmed updates about the second and the middle girls on the front row; the fourth girl is in CA, and that’s me wearing a light blue top. Ewww! was I fat. The wires behind us belong to, if I remember it right, the relay station of ABS-CBN, a broadcasting corporation in the Philippines.

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8 Responses to >At the summit of Mt. Kitanglad

  1. Thom says:

    >WOW … how cool in more ways than one LOL. Love the photo 🙂

  2. Beth in NC says:

    >What great memories. Thanks for sharing!Beth

  3. sweet_shelo says:

    >wow , love the background.. Looks you were in a cold fresh scenery..

  4. Alicia says:

    >What an experience to do that! Wow, I've never slept up in a mountain before!! Great flashback, Hazel!!

  5. >What a special memory!

  6. Anya says:

    >LOVELY memories :)))))))

  7. LivingforGod says:

    >Wonderful memories. Sounds like lots of fun to spend 2 nights on a mountain top :).

  8. >What a cool thing to do! I would love to do something like that sometime. Maybe when my boys get older. Thanks so much for sharing!

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