>Friday’s Fave Five: Popcorn and exams


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Four out of my fave fives this week happened in one day. No. 3 is serendipity, no. 4 a surprise, and no. 5 a first experience for my five-year old. Here we go:

1. Exam-writing accomplished. Midterms at STech International next week are online. I finished writing and uploading Business Communication exams yesterday. And that means I will have a worry-free weekend 🙂

2. Quick wait. My kiddo and I love japanese cuisine. Ok, we dine out at japanese restaurants every week, but the nice thing about Fuji this week is it took the staff only a few minutes to have us seated.

3. Jesada Technik Museum. A Thai businessman with a hobby of collecting different vehicles from around the world, put up some of his collection, rare cars (the rest are in his home province) for public view at Siam Paragon. We stumbled upon his collection while malling. As I’m a sucker for most things old, specially rare (antiques fascinate me a great deal), this museum was an excitingly wonderful find.

4. A friend is pregnant and I’m going to be the godmom! I wonder how to best fulfill the responsibility of long-distance god mothering (she might be in the US before or after the baby is born), but I don’t want to worry about that right now.

5. Popcorn and Imax. I introduced Cj to the theatre for the first time. We had an afternoon of sheer relaxation and munchies that we haven’t had for awhile.

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9 Responses to >Friday’s Fave Five: Popcorn and exams

  1. hip chick says:

    >It sounds like you had a wonderful week. There is nothing like the movies and popcorn!

  2. Melissa says:

    >Sounds like a terrific week! Thanks for sharing your list and photos!

  3. Jerralea says:

    >Great FFF list. Congratulations to your approaching godchild's birth! And how wonderful that you and your little man spent time together at the movies. We like to have family movie night, it's always a good bonding time.

  4. Barbara H. says:

    >Glad your exams went well!It is nice to get seated right away at restaurants.Popcorn and movies just go together. The IMAX screens are great.Happy Friday!

  5. Susanne says:

    >I love the Imax. We don't have one in our town but it's a nice treat when we go to the big city.That collection sounds very interesting.Congrats on your future godmother role! How exciting.

  6. nikkipolani says:

    >How lovely to have a big project done and behind you! Your visit to the museum sounds quite interesting. That Cj looks pretty content and maybe isn't quite ready to share popcorn 😉

  7. Brenda says:

    >I love japanese food too. . . and movies and popcorn, its all wonderful 🙂 Sounds like a good week.

  8. Kari says:

    >Oh wow – Sawadeekaa. Nice to meet you Hazel.Great list and I love Japanese food too but I'm not so patient to wait to be seated. It's crazy how Fuji has always got a wait….Happy Weekend.

  9. Karyn says:

    >Must feel good to have the exams finished and out of the way…WTG!congrats on being honored with being chosen as godmom! I'm sure you'll figure out how to manage long distance.Glad you had a fun day with your boy!

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