>Wordful Wednesday: Cutie and the friendly beast


Gyanna, my son’s sweet friend meets a lovely billy at Dream World zoo. Isn’t it a treat to witness love so evident between two wonderful beings?

Visit Angie at 7 Clown Circus to see more pictures.
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11 Responses to >Wordful Wednesday: Cutie and the friendly beast

  1. Alicia says:

    >That is precious!

  2. >And so innocent. It's amazing t see how well children get along with animals. It's a gentle spirit. Thank you for visiting with me Blessings

  3. Indrani says:

    >A truly cute shot!

  4. scrappysue says:

    >adorable! thanks for stopping by

  5. >what a treat to be greeted by gyana and the goat on wordful W! i've been offline for 3 days, and this heartwarming picture gave justice to my net-starvation act.

  6. Joy says:

    >That is super-precious. :o)

  7. >She loves him! He might make a good pet….

  8. pehpot says:

    >it really is!! naku everyday natutunaw ang puso ko pag nakikita ko ang mga junakers ko na love na love nila isa't isa :)naku you should viist Baguio, wonderful place, ang daming pedeng gawin and the atmosphere is homey 🙂Make or Break

  9. Genny says:

    >Awww…how cute!

  10. Josie says:

    >SO cute! 🙂

  11. Anya says:

    >The zoo is the best there is for children :)For me also …. LOLLovely friendly CUTE picture !!

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