>Pouting face

> There was a pouting hex on Cj’s face during his McDonald birthday six weeks ago. I don’t know what triggered it but as his guests started arriving he was no longer in the mood. Perfect timing. Nowhere in this entire blog can a post about his 5th birthday celebration be seen (nainis kasi ako). I speculate it was his cake. He didn’t say so but he probably didn’t like this girly cake. Well, excuse Mommy for not finding a Lion King or monster truck cake on time. This is not the Philippines, dude where elaborate Goldilocks abound.

Anyway, where were we? Ah…pouting. A signal that something is wrong. (I talk with Cj like always). Unfortunately this one escalated to a tantrum which went on for more than an hour into the party. I didn’t have the patience of Job for such behavior. I got short-fused here and gave him a secret telling off. The guilt made me promise him Hongkong Disneyland for his next birthday. That if he behaved. Nevertheless I have just gotten myself into something I need to fulfil, oops. And I thought I was organized. Life. A mom learns everyday.

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18 Responses to >Pouting face

  1. Tetcha says:

    >Cj doesn't really look like he's in the mood to celebrate his birthday. Anyways, his next birthday will definitely be a blast, so mommy, you better prepare for that.

  2. Den says:

    >Ayan mapapahongkong tuloy kayo. :)next time na lang ang pang-boy na cake..Mine's here Pouting Face.

  3. SASSY MOM says:

    >Magastos na tantrum LOL! Next time will definitely be a blast!

  4. Mauie Flores says:

    >Napasubo ka, hehehe. I know you'll have a great time with Cj though.See my son's pouting face here: http://www.the24hourmommy.com/2009/07/mommy-moments-pouting-face.html

  5. chubskulit says:

    >hahahahah wawa man, oo nga kung sa pinas sya madaming designs dun..

  6. karen says:

    >mag-gi-give-in ka talaga sa mga anak mo kapag nagpa-pouting face na.

  7. Jacris says:

    >Maybe he likes the lion cake talaga that's why na sad sya.In fairness the cake looks so yummy!!Have a blessed weekend btw, I'm following your blog already!

  8. Chris says:

    >yeah.. sometimes i am like that too! napapasubo!

  9. Meikah says:

    >Ooh – yeah young kids are so big on character cakes! πŸ™‚ Naku sa HK Disneyland, he'll get his fill of characters! πŸ˜‰

  10. Twinkie says:

    >"This is not the Philippines, dude where elaborate Goldilocks abound…" Hahahaha! pero I can feel the irritation ha. In the end, we always try to understand pa rin. πŸ˜€

  11. Anya says:

    >LOLHe looks not friendly on his birthday ;)The cake looks yummie…..Have a great birthday ^___^

  12. Genejosh says:

    >he..he..kaya pala ..I'm waiting for u to post the bday party …i thought I miss it..baka nga sis noh ayaw nya sa cake..he..he..Wow ha HK Disneyland! can't wait to visit there…Happy weekend…Our Adventures Together/Her and HistoryTasty Exploration

  13. shydub says:

    >Funny! thats the probs throwing party to the kids, kailangan ang bisita should be on time, at ang oras ay ayon sa time na maganda ang mood kasi pag humupas ang energy ahhh kainis na. Si mommy pala may kasalanan nag promise ng disney land hehehehe well, kiddo you have to work first para may pang disney land. lol. Ang bata talaga hindi nasusuhulan ng masarap na cake, pag ayaw…ayaw talaga.

  14. nel's bebi says:

    >hahahahah. i can't help but laugh! talagang ayaw nya nga siguro yung girly cake! hahahahahere's mine:http://elapot.wifespeaks.com/2009/07/lips-poutin.html

  15. mommy rossel says:

    >so cj's tantrums worked for a hongkong trip. lol!happy mommy moments!

  16. Phoebe says:

    >parang kawawang-kawawa si CJ dyan ha..:Danyway, followed your blog mommy. have a fun saturday!

  17. pehpot says:

    >ahaha un lnag! lagot ka nyan.. sige para mas masaya sama mo mg akids ko sa Disneyland adventure nyo hehenaku ung panganay namin talaga ang charmer, even his terror teacher on pre school like na like sya heheThanks for visiting my pouty boyshay naku so for sure dehins ka pede sa meet up ng mommy and female bloggers not unless e mag pa book agad ka na at bumili na ticket pauwi dito.. o sige now na.. tawag na sa travel agent mo! lolMake or Break

  18. Jona says:

    >now i feel thankful to be living in the philippines with lots of resources….save up for that disneyland trip ngayon pa lang hahaha!visit my entry too. thanks!

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