>TSMSS: No More Night


MJ’s death has been a cloud on my week. It’s hard to think he’s gone. I take comfort in messages and music that somehow ease the emotional and mental discomfort that death and other problems in this world bring. Soon there will be No More Night.

TSMSS is hosted by Amy of Signs, Miracles and Wonders. Visit her site to join or view more participants.

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6 Responses to >TSMSS: No More Night

  1. Angelika says:

    >Thank you for sharing this beautiful song "no more Night" ….. clearly you in Bangkok (love Thailand and miss Bongkok, don't don't miss the traffic, though … ha!) and I here in London, UK are ahead time wise to the US. I think the old links were still up. ….Anyway, just added today's new on my blog.I trust you had a blessed Saturday, and wish you a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Anya says:

    >Have a great weekend Hazel :)Thanks for the music !!!!=^.^=

  3. >Music is lovely…Thanks for this post…Nice to see you..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  4. Jenny says:

    >Beautiful song. I love the tribute video at the top of your blog. Very nice.

  5. Vicki says:

    >Love the song!

  6. Karen says:

    >Nice tribute and beautiful song…"We’re gonna live in the light of the risen Lamb"….I can't wait!!

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