>Friday Fave Five: Happy plans


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My week was fun. Here are my faves:

1. Laughter with students. An 18-year old in my Business Communication class was courting girls in the back row while I was teaching. He’s a top student. I knew he could easily catch up, so I cut him some slack. When it was time for the oral test, he could not answer a single question. I wasn’t having any more lecture so I resorted to good-natured teasing. “Ahem…someone is going to fail today’s test…” The classmates joined in the teasing and we were all laughing. Working hard to recall what he somehow heard while not paying attention, he managed to start giving off correct answers. The girls cheered. He tried so hard he looked funny; I was teary-eyed laughing. My lungs lightened as I fired more questions and more correct replies were sent back my way. The class hunk passed.

2. New office. Another new building is constructed in the campus. I was told that my department will be on the 3rd floor which just suits me well. Not having to take the lift to the upper floors will save me lots of time. If I took the stairs, I think 3 flights will just be perfect to burn enough calories.

3. A friend’s email. I’m in the process of sorting out something. Something which, if successful will send me flying to the other side of the world before 2009 is over. A friend’s email gave me new ideas which kept me high with excitement the entire week!

4. A son’s effort to comfort. At first I tried to deny it, but as Saturday arrived last week I acknowledged I was indeed upset over MJ’s death. It must have shown on my face while I watched a tribute vid on youtube because Cj didn’t take over my computer like he usually does. He asked, “Mommy? Why?” And he sat still on my lap. Then he went back to the bed, made some shapes and called out, “Mommy, look!” I understood he tried to distract me from feeling bad.

5. Long weekend, hurray! We’re off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Right now I’m busy planning how to best spend these free days. It’s inspiring to plan something nice and worthwhile, and make it happen so I can report back next week with a bubbly and happy Friday Fave Five 🙂

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7 Responses to >Friday Fave Five: Happy plans

  1. Pamela says:

    >#3 sounds exciting – can't wait to hear more!

  2. Willow says:

    >Now I'm so very curious and can't wait to hear the news! Your little one sounds like a very sweet and perceptive child– what a gift to you and to him.

  3. Susanne says:

    >What a sweetie your little one is.#1 made me laugh out loud. Good for you for handling it with such humor.

  4. Jerralea says:

    >Hurray for your new office. The building looks very nice, and your idea of burning calories sounds great. (I'm always reading we should walk whenever possible to burn calories and to use the stairs, not the elevators.)Your son sounds like a sweetie!Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we had a nostalgic time visiting the old "homeplace". We went to all the cemetaries, too, reading all the family headstones.

  5. Beth says:

    >I love your story about the intelligent hunk cum student! He's so good ha? I imagined myself being there and I smiled, I would have laughed that hard too! Mababaw kasi kaligayahan ko. Iba pa din pag matalino talaga ang isang student, khit walang review review, or listening to lessons, nakakaya.anyway, Cj is one thoughtful son. He really cares. 🙂

  6. Brenda says:

    >Sounds like a good week, the new office looks good and I can't wait to hear about the possibiities for the future!

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