>TSMSS: Abide with me


There’s a ritual at home that my mother imposed: family worship. It’s the time when we sing hymns, read the bible, recite verses and pray. We did it morning and evening. My parents, although both christians, come from different religious backgrounds. Papa didn’t attend worships 98% of the time, so it was mainly just mother, I and the pets.

When I left the nest, I also left the church and worship became a thing of the past. Forgetting church and worship was easy as I’m not a fan of either. For more than a decade I was all work and party. Life rocked until divorce entered the scene. I found myself alone and resorted to the internet for company. Thank God for such a wonderful technology! I stumbled upon youtube and this:

It’s the very Abide With Me we used to sing at home! I clicked around and found other arrangements like Elton John’s, but this is nearest to the way we sang at home, usually to close those worships. I used to memorize this, we all did. Mother’s cat, Velvet (rest in peace, Sweetie) knew that when this song was sung, it’s bedtime. She yawned and purred. Things were simple, life was quiet and we were all at peace with the world.

On my latest trip home I dropped by at a cousin’s residence. The first evening I arrived, the family gathered to worship as usual. I sat in a corner of the living room slightly jetlagged and impervious. No, I wasn’t about to become an instant church or worship returnee. It was christmas and I was thinking of all the food I was going to enjoy. Then everyone poised to sing the closing hymn. Out of the blue I signaled a nephew who was on the piano to play the intro to Abide With Me. A hint of astonishment swept through my loved ones’s faces. But whether I imagined it or not, I’m sure they didn’t mind the suggestion.

The singing was superb cuisine for a famished soul.

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7 Responses to >TSMSS: Abide with me

  1. Sherrylinn says:

    >Beautiful song! Thanks for joining us at TSMSS. I’ve found so many beautiful songs I would not have found, or others that I have truly missed. God Bless!

  2. >Welcome to TSMSS. This is a beautiful hymn. I pray that God uses it and the other songs you hear today to minister to your soul.

  3. Cathy says:

    >Beautiful, and I love your story. That is so sweet about your cat. Thanks so much for visiting me. I posted this song on my blog here:http://melodiesandhymnsongs.blogspot.com/2007/08/abide-with-me.html

  4. >Thank you for sharing this lovely old hymn.. It seems a shame that they seem to be fallilng out of favor,in a way, doesn’tit?

  5. Sita says:

    >Thank you for dropping by. I do so love the old hymns now in my ‘old age’! Aha! Now I understand what they mean.Have a great week.

  6. godsown says:

    >This song also brings back sweet memoriesOld hymes stays beautiful,Hope you enjoyed TSMSSBlessingsBernice

  7. Arlene says:

    >Hi zel, saw this meme from your blog and i visited the site — now my first song is up!I know am going to love this meme. 🙂

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