>Mommy Moments: Sentimental Mommy :)


mommy moments

So we’re going sentimental this week :-). Here are a few of my sentimental moments. This was when I moved in to an apartment after my split. Stuff littered the room. That’s how that marriage remnant landed on top of the chair. Cj was going to sing with other kids in church when I snapped this shot.

At first I didn’t notice the sign he made on his right hand. It’s the I love You sign. I’m sure it’s just coincidence he flashed that sign when the camera clicked because I didn’t teach him anything about signs yet, but I felt warm inside when I discovered it. With the direction he’s pointing it at, it’s like he’s teasing either the portrait or it’s just sentimental me.

Cj does not draw anything workable. He just makes lines and circles on paper most of the time. So my delight reaches the 7th heaven when one day he shows me his very first drawing of me and himself.

I don’t freaking care that I look like E.T or that I have no hair, nor body at all. At least there are feet, albeit two left feet. I did guide his hand to write the caption. If I may be boldly sentimental – I’d say to me it’s a masterpiece.

And this is during his 3rd birthday. There’s something about kids not yet able to blow their birthday candle and the mom gets to blow it instead. It’s fun, it’s heart-warming; it practically erases wrinkles.

P.S. His dad showed up in the middle of the party to foot the bill. Whatever that meant, I enjoyed heading the emotions department immensely.

Happy Mommy Moments, Mommies!

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9 Responses to >Mommy Moments: Sentimental Mommy :)

  1. Beth says:

    >Hi Hazel,many sentimental moments here!!!i love the drawing! Keep it or scan it so you can show it to him when he grows up. I can see that at a very young age, he knows that it’s you and him na lang, it’s just so sweet Hazel. Very touching!

  2. I am Harriet says:

    >They grow up so fast!Thanks for sharing

  3. Chris says:

    >thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us… the first pic is a truly sentimental moment. 🙂

  4. shydub says:

    >So touching mommy moments, time flies so fast your little baby boy is now a big boy. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Indrani says:

    >So well told sentimental moments. :)I loved those drawings too.

  6. Genejosh says:

    >cute ng wedding portrait nyo..he..he..anyway, as a mom anything that my son can achieve and able to do, it would surely melt my heart….

  7. Anzu's Mum says:

    >HI.. my first time here. You still living in bangkok? Hope all is well with you..Lovely pics especially the first one, whatever it meant, he still cute =)

  8. Willa says:

    >your boy is no doubt very smart, he knows what’s going on around him and he accepted everything as it is without questions and showed it to you thru his masterpiece,what a real smart boy you got there!!!

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