>MM: B is for bonding


mommy moments

My son bonds with his cousins only during birthdays, christmases, or sometimes after church services. I don’t have photos of him bonding with his cousins from his father’s side. There were some taken a few days after he was born but when his dad and I divorced, I forgot to keep those photos in my files. Hopefully later there will be. Although I have full custody of Cj, I allow him to see his paternal cousins and bond with them (in fact I want him to) whenever there is a chance. We went home for christmas in 2007. I made sure he bonded with his Philippine cousins as much as the one week we were there would allow. So they did. My little guy trailed his big cousins to their evening christmas presentation at Rizal Park in Digos City. After that they played:

On christmas morning we opened our gifts. Cj handed his gifts to everyone. This one’s for Yoyo:

Our last day in the Philippines was January 1st. We trooped to the beach and Cj met more cousins there. We had a mini-family reunion. It was a day filled with lots of frolic in the water. Understandably they all got tired. In this shot, Cj was getting “low-batt” while cousin Maxim who is used to a low temp in France promptly drooped in the Philippine heat and was totally knocked down:


Until the next bonding time πŸ™‚

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12 Responses to >MM: B is for bonding

  1. Chris says:

    >thanks for sharing your story with us Hazel…

  2. Genejosh says:

    >i miss spending Christmas in Philippines….hopefully next time makabonding na ng baby namin mga cousins nya( sa father side)..have a happy weekend!

  3. Jona says:

    >nakakamiss talaga mga relatives….i live 1 1/2 hrs away and i miss my relatives in Manila when i don’t have a chance to visit them in a while like now. how much more you who live miles and miles away.

  4. pehpot says:

    >aw.. sabi ko na this siblings and cousin time theme would make me miss my siblings and nephews more.. lalo na your entry.. so cute talaga to see our kids with their cousins di ba? next to their bonding moments, I love their bonding moments with their cuz..Make or Break

  5. Carrie says:

    >that’s great to spend the holidays and special birthdays with each other! And going to the beach is the best! It’s nice that you are able to spend time with their father’s side of family too πŸ™‚

  6. Rona says:

    >It’s good to know that your son is close with this cousins. I hope my children will be the same with theirs when they grow up. Nice pics πŸ™‚

  7. Lanie, says:

    >Hi hazel, thanks for you nice message in my post, It great for our son go to the philippines to be able to have more bonding with their cousins specially his the only child. My son has 8 here, but already grown up and some is married already and they’re not close at our nephews and nieces in our family side and I want my son to be close to my family that’s why I want to go home at least every 2-3 years. My son likes is there.

  8. Lynn says:

    >Reunions are one of the best ways to bond with cousins and other relatives. That was Jan. 1 on the beach as I understand. Imagine the heat now that summer months are here.

  9. Willa says:

    >what a fun-filled bonding moments!

  10. jganlising says:

    >hi thnks for dropping by….uu nga cute ang hotdog bite heheheh =)

  11. jganlising says:

    >ang cute nmn ng nagbibigayan ng gift hehehe =)

  12. jeng says:

    >Nice vacation pictures ;)Even if families live a great distance from each other, children have an instant bonding when they see each other. ; )

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