>Mommy Moments: Screaming suds


mommy moments

From the first spurts off the nozzle til the towel is pulled out of the hanger, my shower room turns into a vocalization nook for a Pavarotti score. If I am lucky I get a kick. Little Mr. Bath-hater struggles to master the art of not missing a breath while water cascades down his face. I grapple with the effort of making him comfortable while getting rid of suds the quickest way possible. The pic below shows him having a great time on the tub playing with his cousin in Digos city (I have to tweak it for obvious reasons) .

Anyway, how in the name of Thailand’s goddess of water and the Philippines’ own San Juan, did my ex-mom-n-law, my mother and all talented yayas bathe my kiddo without a single scream from his diaphragm? Three Fridays ago after work, I sat listening to Cj splashing. Number of screams: zero. He even emerged from the bathroom grinning with his proud yaya in tow. I turned purple with jealousy.

Bathing my other boy, Mozart is entirely an opposite experience. We are bath time buddies! His only issue is when the water temp is not adjusted to his liking. The little rascal is more maarte than I could ever be. Cj observes Mozart and me having fun with shampoo bubbles. Sometimes he gives me a look that tells me, “good job with Mozart, Mom; you suck with me.”

I’m learning; the TH (trying hard) mom that I am. Any tip from you, veteran moms out there? Meanwhile, the screaming continues.

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2 Responses to >Mommy Moments: Screaming suds

  1. Chris says:

    >hello there! welcome to mommy moments! i havent really had this kind of experience with both of my kids. there are days though that my little Toby doesnt want to get in the bath room, but I just let him bring some bath toys or just let his toy cars (his favorite) to watch him take a bath. well i hope you figure out why he doesnt want to take a bath, then maybe you can solve the problem… 🙂

  2. Hazel says:

    >it’s not that he does not want to take a bath lol… it’s most probably more on my way of doing it that creates all this bathroom drama. i guess i could figure that out then – let those who know how to do it do it. problem solved :)thanks for coming up with this theme. it makes a good avenue for me to try to understand that no matter how busy at work i get, i do try to do things a mom should do. yayas won’t be around forever.

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